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Political polarization is tearing at the seams of democracies all around the world, whether in the United States of America, India or even in Malaysia.

Deep division, either within religion and political spectrum, can fuel societal anger and violence and eventually rip our society apart. Recent riots and storming of the United States Capitol clearly manifest how freedom of speech has turned into a hate weapon for some.

Even in our country, the post-2018 election has seen rising polarization which can lead to extremism activity and sentiments. Clearly through the death of the spirit of late Adib, it almost sparks irresponsible riots and incite interracial hate here Especially in this millennial era, the use of social media as a platform for the dissemination of fake news has undoubtedly increased the spread of extreme sentiments which motivates violent and outrageous actions. This will contribute to a rising youth polarization in Malaysia.

We are concerned about how divisive our country will be if we do not stop fueling it. Once a society has become deeply divided, it is very difficult to heal. Is it the result of polarizing leaders? Or tech companies and social media get the blame? The question we should ask right now - What can be done to start overcoming divisions in a society that become deeply polarized, and how to rise to this challenge in new ways to restore democracy and peace.

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