As a young Malaysian platform that gathers individuals from various backgrounds, political understanding, religion and culture, Malaysian Youth Dialogue for Promoting Peace (PEACE) believes that Malaysia as a country with various nations needs to counter extremism to preserve peace in our nation. By increasing youth empathy and cross-cultural understanding as well as media literacy training, we could help build youth resilience to extremism narratives. And that is where PEACE begins.

A one-day roundtable discussion session will include 5 academicians, 5 professionals and 5 local activists across diverse organizations. It serves a platform to exchange views and engage with the stakeholders. The program aims to assess the current state of polarization in Malaysia, hence proposing potential youth interventions to be implemented. For each theme, a moderator and two discussants will lead the roundtable sessions with the participants. 

To send the message to our fellow Malaysians, a campaign video will also be produced post-event. It will combine both pre-interviews and also inputs from our round table discussion. By leveraging social media platform, the campaign video will bring our dialogue to a greater reach and kickstart public conversation

The dialogue consists of two themes ;

State of Polarization in Malaysia

Assessing the state of polarization in Malaysia for a better understanding of the current ground work, as well as reference for future research. Ongoing work and input from local NGOs could help to shape a better discussion among participants. Throughout the session, we will identify critical stakeholders to counter extremism in Malaysia. This will give a clear message to the public where everyone must be proactive to stop making Malaysia a diverse yet divisive country. 

Future State Vision

Analyzing efforts undertaken to counter polarization, locally and abroad. The session will be focused towards building feasible youth interventions to be adopted by every stakeholders involved such as the government and the media. The input will be used to recommend remedial actions in the form of memorandum and campaign video post-event. 

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